About us


The ´First National Volunteer Programme for the Iberian Wolf Census` is a scientist project for the general public whose objectives are the training of volunteers for the census and the assessing the present state of wolf conservation in Spain. It is a medium and long-term project and the current work focuses on the knowledge of methodology and developing field experience to make observations and evaluation of tracks.

The project will provide information about population dynamics, range and habitat status because it is necessary to monitor its state of conservation. This is a legal obligation Member States of European Union because of Iberian wolf is a species of Community Interest.

Obtained data will be used to design conservation and restoration of habitats measures to ensure the long term viability of Iberian wolf populations.

The information collected in this project about Iberian wolf conservation in Spain will be transmitted to public administrations and society. So, they will be development regularly academic activities of volunteers, reports and papers.

Our volunteer programme is in line with the effort to preserve the nature of other movements and associations (FAPAS, ASCEL, LOBO MARLEY, ECOLOGISTAS EN ACCIÓN, SIGNATUS, WWF-ADENA, AMIGOS DE LA TIERRA, GRUPO LOBO PORTUGAL, ZOOLOGICAL,…) and  its  aim is to increase the number of scientific training people interested in wolf conservation and biodiversity .

According to the characteristics of the project, agreements with public and private institutions will be established concerning the implementation of common objectives of conservation, involvement of society and dissemination.

We consider that the volunteers will be trained and have an adequate experience for carrying out the population census, in the south of Duero and reference areas in the north of Duero, in two or three years. Our purpose is to compare the information collected with data from other sources to verify the future choices to be made.